John Lumley 22.2.29- 25.1.18

My dad died last week from congestive heart failure and renal failure. He lived with us, in the back unit adjoining ours, and I feel as if he is present everywhere I look.  With the assistance of Banksia Palliative Care and Kincare, we nursed him at home to the end. We will miss him so much.



7 responses to “John Lumley 22.2.29- 25.1.18

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, but how fortunate to have so much time with your dad at the end. And I’m sure he appreciated being at home with you during this time too.

    My father-in-law passed away 3 months ago. We’re slowly packing up his home & life. We still feel his presence. It’s comforting & sad at the same time. I’m glad these things take time. It helps us with the letting go process – slowly, gracefully & respectfully. The sadness comes in waves but the happy memories help.

    Take care of yourself now too.
    Best wishes

  2. It feels like the end of an era when both your parents are gone: I’m still adjusting to it and my father died in April last year, eighteen months after my mother died. I wasn’t able to nurse him at home but I visited him every day once I’d moved him to aged care here in Melbourne, and it was, and still is, a huge gap in my life, which you will feel too I am sure. But I hope you will feel it a comfort to know that you were there for him right through to the end.
    When you are ready, put those fine writing skills of yours to good use, and write a private journal about him and his life and why you loved him. I found it very difficult to do, but now it is a great comfort to me when I miss him so dearly.
    Look after yourself,
    Lisa x

  3. You have all my sympathy. My own father died a few years ago, Mum soldiers on – it helps she was only 18 when I was born. I feel I’m getting to the age where I worry how my kids might look after me.

  4. How very sad for you and you have my sympathy. I hope the services you used were good as it can make all the difference towards the end.

  5. And my sympathy too Janine. I still have my parents, and try to prepare myself for their not being here, but how can you? There’s no-one like your parents. The great thing is that you had him for a big chunk of your life – that’s really lucky to have I think – and you clearly have wonderful memories. I’m thinking of you. x

  6. I’m really sorry to hear this, Janine – it’s terrible to lose someone with whom your life entwines so closely. Thinking of you.

  7. Dear Janine, I’m sorry for your loss. Wishing you peace at this sad time.

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