Movie: Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent is the story of a young man who, charged with delivering a letter between the now-deceased Vincent Van Gogh and his brother, tries to find out how Vincent died.  Story-wise, it’s a bit of a whodunnit, questioning the assumption that it was suicide.

But you’re not here for the story, which is lacklustre. Instead, you’re here for the animation, which is just amazing.  You can detect who the actors through their voices and posture but they, along with the backgrounds, are painted with trademark Van Gogh brushstrokes. Each of the 65,000 frames has been painted by one of 125 artists, organized into 125 teams

It’s not a long movie at 95 minutes, but originally it was conceived as a short 17 minute film. It could possibly have remained at the shorter length and made a similar impression on the watcher.  I use the term ‘watcher’ deliberately, because this is very much a visual experience rather than an intellectual or emotional one.

Worth seeing for the spectacle.

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