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I seek it here, I seek it there….Historic newspapers on Google

Once upon a time, the Port Phillip Herald was available online.  It was on a site called “Paper of Record” prior to the evolution of our wonderful Trove.  Then all of a sudden it disappeared- just like that!- swallowed by the Google Gargantua.

But miracle of miracles- it resurfaced! There it was on Google News Archive, along with hundreds of other historic newspapers, mainly from North America, but with a  smattering of English, Scots and other newspapers as well.

Then all of a sudden (again) they changed the Google News page and it disappeared again. Oh woe.

But I’ve relocated it! It was there all the time!  And as a reminder to myself: here’s the link as of 25th March 2014.

Will it still be there when I look at it again?  Who knows….