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Soft and fuzzies at the MCG.

Two years ago, I posted about the negative nagging admonitions that you are bombarded with at the MCG.  Last Friday I went off to the MCG again with the same son to see the same game (St Kilda v. Richmond) – although unfortunately with a less desirable outcome this time.   It’s a sad, sad thing when you crave a draw.

My chagrin was soothed somewhat by noting that the killjoys and straiteners responsible for the announcements on the score board have gone all soft and fuzzy on us.  Now instead of being harangued with the fines imposed for drinking outside the ground, we’re exhorted to enjoy a drink at the MCG, but just don’t take it outside. Instead of being drawn and quartered for running on the ground, we’re encouraged to be a part of the game, but just not on the turf.    It didn’t change the score, but it did make me feel as if I didn’t have to cringe from yet another telling-off.