The Palace Letters: the next step in the saga

Hocking_DismissalI’m absolutely delighted that Prof. Jenny Hocking has had a victory in the High Court this morning, with the finding that the commonwealth had erred in withholding over 200 letters between the Queen and Sir John Kerr in the leadup to the dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975.

Some time ago, I reviewed her small book The Dismissal Dossier, to which I gave a 5-star rating. I’ve also been listening to the ABC Podcast The Eleventh which has rekindled my rage anew.

3 responses to “The Palace Letters: the next step in the saga

  1. This is good news, I read today that she will be heading up there to see them as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

  2. artandarchitecturemainly

    The Dismissal felt like a coup… as if it ended parliamentary democracy in this country. And personally speaking, I remember feeling sick and immobilised. But in all these years, I don’t think any newspapers mentioned correspondence back and forward between the Queen and the dreaded GG, before the coup. What a debacle.

  3. We are children of a certain age and we maintain our anger. I hope the release of the info is quick. The exchanges will be very formal and polite. I think we will have to look for nuances. But hey, how good if they are explosive.

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