I hear with my little ear: Podcasts 16-23 July

Who Runs This Place (ABC) Part IV The People looks at people power- quite a relief after all this depressing nefarious network stuff in the earlier episodes. Richard Aedy looks at the distrust of politicians worldwide. He points out that Macron was seen to have betrayed the movement that put him in power (and hence the yellow jackets) whereas Trump is governing completely for the movement that voted for him (and he hopes will do so again). The program looks at unions, social media (Get Up and Advance Australia) and indigenous politics, most particularly through the Uluru Statement. He finishes by observing that this was the only episode in which they were able to achieve gender equity, which goes to show who really does run this place.

13minutes13 Minutes to the Moon (BBC)  Website here. I wasn’t intending to get caught up in the 50th anniversary celebrations, but after a doco and a film, I decided to listen to this twelve-part production. It’s excellent. Episode 1 contextualizes Kennedy’s decision to go for this very visible project (did you know that he was considering, as an alternative, a big desalination project to solve the problem of water shortage?), Episode 2 emphasizes the youth of the people involved (average age of 26, many straight from university). Episode 3 focuses on that weird-looking, gold-wrapped Eagle module, and Episode 4 deals with the crash of Apollo 1, and its effect on the project.  Episode 5 is a fascinating look at the role of the computer in the moon landing- this one is really well done.

Heart and Soul (BBC) This episode A Spiritual Awareness from Space is narrated by a former astronaut and discusses the ‘overview effect’ of seeing earth from Space. As this episode points out, and demonstrates in itself, you interpret things from your pre-existing perspective, with either a more scientific/abstract or religious emphasis. I found myself bristling against the more orthodox ‘religious’ interpretations of the experience in space.

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