Movie: I, Tonya

I really enjoyed this.  It’s filmed as a mockumentary and it places competing narratives against each other. After seeing the film, we watched ‘Tonya Harding: The Price of Gold” which is available on SBS On Demand.  I’m really glad that we went from the movie re-enactment to the documentary and not the other way round.  Margot Robbie was excellent, as was Allison Janney who played her chilling mother.  The documentary was actually the source inspiration for the film, and seeing them almost side-by-side, yo realize just how well Robbie picks up on Harding’s brittleness.  The film gives more weight to the domestic and emotional violence that was wrought all round.

Really good.

My rating: 5 stars.

4 responses to “Movie: I, Tonya

  1. artandarchitecturemainly

    Did Margot Robbie deserve to win the Oscar?

    • Well, she was very good. The scene that is used in the publicity shot- that garish face- particularly struck me in terms of her inner brittleness and ‘front’. And in this case (as I’ve often thought) vocal coaches are brilliant, because you were never guess that she was Australian. But I’m wary of people being awarded for depicting real characters, because to me, copying someone from real life isn’t the same as creating them from nothing. I thought that with Gary Oldman and Churchill, too. I think it’s too easy to be swayed by their ability to replicate.

  2. I thought the movie was great too, and the format was really interesting.

  3. I loved this movie too. I saw all best actress (female actor) nominations and they were all good, but I was more than happy with McDormand. Sally Hawkins was excellent too.

    We were living in America and following the ice-skating when all this happened, so it was fascinating to see this movie. I did love the style. Apparently Robbie was one of the producers of it too. I am sure that if she’d been a well-off middle-class person she would not have got that life-time ban sentence.

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