Strange things from the box of photos No 4

You might remember that we were going through a box of photos, looking for images that could be used in Dad’s memorial service. Ever the historian, I was attracted to things that my brother wasn’t.

Oh dear. My maternal grandmother was an anti-vaxxer.



3 responses to “Strange things from the box of photos No 4

  1. Well, there is a curious thing. I have the same certificate signed by my paternal grandmother for my father, and he was also born in 1925, in April. So what went on in 1925 to persuade mothers not to vaccinate? On the other hand, my great grandmother Jane was a vaxxer:

  2. I think I might know the answer to this.
    My memory is from reading a book about the history of polio, but the details are a bit vague.
    When a vaccine was first introduced somewhere hot and sweaty like Qld there were no instructions included about storing it properly, and in the heat it deteriorated or grew bugs or something and made a lot of children very sick indeed. The memory of this event was still strong by the time the polio vaccine came out and was one of the things the polio vaccination campaign had to contend with.

  3. How fascinating – Janine and Lisa.

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