Movie: Equity

It’s good, if rather distasteful, to see that female investment bankers can be just as greedy and ambitious as male investment bankers.   I must confess that I still don’t know what an IPO is, but I understood enough to know that these women were mixing it with the Gordon Geckos of the world in a rarefied world of glossy, hotel-like interiors and lots of alcohol. They worked all hours too but were rarely forgiven for their mistakes and had to use their sexuality as well as their brains. Thank God I live a boring little suburban life.

2 responses to “Movie: Equity

  1. IPO = Initial Public Offering, when a company floats on the share market for the first time.

    • Ah. I thought it must be something like that. I looked in the Business Age the day after I saw it and there were articles about IPOs but no one actually said what it was. Obviously they assume that Business Age readers already know!

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