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1916 at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute

Given my track record of writing about events after they’ve closed, I probably won’t write about this until after it’s finished. So, in case you haven’t heard about it and you might wish that you had, I’m going to see ‘1916’ at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute tomorrow tonight


from the Metanoiatheatre website:


October 25November 5

Anti-Conscription Brunswick Chapter

1916 is about the first No Case for conscription that took place in 1916. The play is set three months prior to the vote, in Brunswick, starring two characters who are feminists and peace movement activists Adele Pankhurst and Vida Goldstein. 1916 will include the rollicking music of the era.   

Written by | Neil Cole

Produced by| Brunswick-Coburg Anti-Conscription Commemoration Campaign

Directed by | Natasha Broadstock

Starring | Harlene Hercules and Marissa Bennett

Tues – Sat 8pm | Sun 2pm