Farewell, The Wuzzle


Fourteen years ago we saw ‘young Wuzz’ take her very first breath, the first-born of a second litter of puppies, and tonight we held her as she breathed her last.  We didn’t really intend to keep her, but somehow she was the last puppy left of the litter and she just tagged along.  She always loved her ‘dolly’, a chewed toy meerkat from the Zoo (they’re expensive but last forever) and was prepared to fight her Aunt Ellie for it.  Always a good-natured, simple little dog.  Goodbye little Wuzzle.

4 responses to “Farewell, The Wuzzle

  1. So sad to lose your bestest little girl who gave you all never-ending love.

  2. How very sad for you. She has the sweetest and innocent face.

  3. Oh so sad, Janine. What a lovely little face. Take care. We still miss our little poodle after over 2 years. She was 14 1/2, almost exactly.

  4. residentjudge

    Yes, she was a little sweetie- always looked rather sad and wistful. Best to remember her this way.

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