Daily Archives: July 14, 2009

Blast from my past- The Loved Ones

I’ve just realised how good You Tube is for finding songs that you loved from one’s long-ago adolescence.  Here’s The Loved Ones singing Ever Loving Man

Of course, they’re much older here but Gerry Humphreys sure can still sing (a bit of help on the high parts, I suspect).  I grew up thinking that Gerry Humphreys was Barry Humphreys’  (aka Edna Everage) brother but as Gerry Humphreys was English, it must have been a suburban myth.

Update: Now I KNOW that they weren’t brothers- it was one of the True or False questions on Spicks and Specks last night!

And here they are singing The Loved One, complete with the clapping that to this day I still can’t keep up with, no matter how I try.

Gerry Humphreys died a couple of years ago- Barry Dickens wrote a touching obituary for him.