My non-trip in the time of coronavirus #6: Huaca Pucllana, Lima, Peru

Hey-  if I had been there, I would have wanted to go and see this!


It’s a whacking great adobe and clay pyramid, built in Miraflores (where we were intending to stay). It was built as an important ceremonial and administrative center for the Lima Culture, a society which developed in the Peruvian Central Coast between the years of 200 AD and 700 AD.  It was built in two sections: the western half of the site was an important ceremonial center for religious rites, complete with a 22-metre-high, seven-level pyramid. The eastern half of the site was used as an administrative outpost for the surrounding irrigation zone and included several open spaces likely used for public meetings. The two sections were divided by a large wall. They were invaded by the Waris, who were invaded by the Ychmas, who were absorbed into the Incas.

Shame about the bloody great restaurant in the middle of it. What were they thinking? I wouldn’t have eaten there on principle.

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