I hear with my little ear: Podcasts 24-29 February 2020

History Listen.  From 19 November 2019, Port Essington, World’s End is about the  garrison established by the British Government in Arnhem Land in 1838, the same time that Port Phillip was being ‘opened up’. This was the third attempt to establish a settlement in the Northern Territory, both to warn off other European powers and to act as ‘Australia’s Singapore’ as a trading port with Asia. Because it was only ever a military garrison, there was no land grab and relations with the indigenous people remained good.


It’s not me!! It’s from Wikimedia

Nothing on TV  Did you have a poncho during the 1970s too? Mine was lime green, white and orange acrylic. In Have You Seen My Poncho Cloak? our trusty guide Robyn Annear takes us back to the 1855, when poncho cloaks were all the rage. Who would have thunk. Her attention was attracted by a rash of advertisements after the Exhibition Ball when a stuff-up . This episode foreshadows some of the information in her recent Nothing New (my review here)




New Books Network At 75 minutes, this podcast is FAR too long. Hiding in Plain Sight is a new book by Erika Denise Edwards, herself an Afro-American, who was struck by the seeming invisibilty of people of African heritage who were descendants of African slaves in Argentina. Using the small town of Cordoba in Argentina as her case study, she traces  the way that African women used their positions as wives, mothers, daughters and concubines to ensure that they were officially registered as ‘white’.

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