Chewy, chewy


My brother is no Marie Kondo. He finds it very hard to throw anything out, which is why he brought this 45 rpm record back to me yesterday. Yep, it has my name on it. Chewy, chewy? The Ohio Express? Do you even remember that song? We started humming ‘Sugar, Sugar’ until we realized that we had the wrong song, and then we were stumped. What was Chewy, Chewy???

Ye Gods.

In 1968 I received 25 cents pocket money per week. Singles like this cost 99 cents. That’s a month of saving. I have been robbed.

3 responses to “Chewy, chewy

  1. My first single was “Have I the RIght” which was a cover of the Honeycombs sold by Golden Fleece service stations. My next was Little Boy Blue by MPD Ltd. I had after school jobs from 16 on and in 1968, my last year of high school I bought my first albumn – Roy Orbison. But “Chewy, Chewy!?

  2. Played it on Youtube. That really is terrible. You must have been keen on the boys. “Chewy, chewy. You don’t know what you’re doin to me” !!!

  3. Don’t we boomers like wallowing in our nostalgia, as we have both done today. We paid a lot for music back then compared to what people pay, or don’t pay now.

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