I hear with my little ear: 1-7 October 2019

The History Listen   Experiment Street- the true history of a city lane. A mixture of fiction and history, this episode tells the story of the real-life Experiment Street in Pyrmont  Sydney, through the narrative voice of the fictional character Lizzie Absolom.  The information is based on newspapers and law reports, with the occasional comment by Sydney historian Shirley Fitzgerald.  The episode is very much a ‘production’ performance, but an interesting approach. I prefer my history to stay historical, though.

Duolingo. Another Spanish/English podcast, ‘Buscando el Rio Hirviente’ (Looking for the Boiling River) is about a Peruvian geologist who was brought up with his grandfather’s stories of a boiling river deep in the jungle. Knowing professionally that there was no thermal activity near the jungle, he no longer believed in the boiling river until he was taken by an indigenous shaman.  Terrific photos here.  He has sworn not to divulge the location to mining interests…but I wonder how long that will last?

Letters of Love from World War 2. Episode 4 ‘Silence and Roses‘ is so sad. Obviously Cyril is suffering from depression, and somehow they get involved in a silly argument about optimism and pessimism and drift apart – all by mail.  I love this series.

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