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I hear with my little ear 8-14 October 2018

In Our Time. The Almoravid Empire. I wish I’d listened to this before I went to Spain. I tended to see the Muslim influence as a single entity, and didn’t take enough notice of the turmoil between different dynasties that ruled over Al-Andalus. In this case, the Almoravids stopped the Spanish reconquest in 1086. They were a Berber people, noted for their men having their heads covered, and more religious than the Umayyad Emirate. They were in Spain until 1147 when they were defeated by another Berber group, the Almohads. Their main centre of influence was in Northern Africa.

Conversations ABC The Science of the Dreamtime. Richard Fidler interviews Patrick Nunn, Professor of Geography at University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, who argues that indigenous people often incorporate eye-witness accounts of natural phenomena from generations past into their story-telling. Such events include meteors, volcanoes and, amongst Australian indigenous peoples, the rise in the sea level at the end of the last Ice Age that reshaped Australia’s perimeter.

News in Slow Spanish Latino #278 (includes a segment on chocolate and vanilla, two of the indigenous products of South America) #279

The History Listen A program about William Ah Ket, the first Chinese-Australian barrister in Australia.