Podcasts: Wrongful

This is a series of Australian podcasts, produced by ABC Radio National for their Earshot program. They explore five cases of wrongful conviction that have occurred in Western Australia over recent decades.  They are well-produced and chilling.  Most of the time there was a journalist digging away in the background, sometimes for decades, and the wheels of justice creak very, very slowly.

You can download each of the podcasts from this link:



3 responses to “Podcasts: Wrongful

  1. I don’t think I’ve heard all of these, but a few of them have been covered I’m sure my Australian story. They are horrifying as you say – and most often, also as you say, they’ve been uncovered through some journalist not letting it go (sometimes off their own bat or sometimes at the instigation of family members.)

  2. I know some of the stories but to my surprise I don’t know about these podcasts. Thanks for the steer in their direction.

  3. Reblogged this on Tasmanian Bibliophile @Large and commented:
    Sobering, and scary.

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