A new adventure!

I’m off for a fortnight to Chile and Cuba. Think of it.  A 61 year old woman. There by herself. Very rudimentary Spanish. What could possibly go wrong?

Join my on my (mis)adventures at my other blog Land of Increasing Sunshine – or, in approximate Spanish La Tierra Más Soleada

5 responses to “A new adventure!

  1. Bon voyage!

    Can’t wait to see your posts. We were in Cuba in Jan – here’s my other blog http://thefourseasonsofbrona.blogspot.com.au/?m=1 with pics 😊

    And our work in progress – https://thejourney.com.au

  2. Bon voyage! (I don’t know how to say that in Spanish).

  3. Buen viage, it seems. Most exciting. I still inwardly grin at that African country and its name being the Land of Increasing Sunshine.

  4. You will be fine in Cuba if you say you marched in protests against the Vietnam war and were against America.

  5. I travelled Cuba solo at 65 in 2013 and no problems. I had a driver and guide when outside Havana but found when I got there it was not really needed as you can organise day/longer trips from Havana. Was encouraged to book these in Melb prior. No problem not being able to speak Spanish. Trinidad is well worth a visit if you have time.
    Enjoy – it’s a vibrant and fun place.

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