Daily Archives: June 4, 2017

Movie: Things to Come (L’avenir)


(French, English subtitles)

I liked this movie- a lot. My 88 year old father hated it. Nathalie is a middle-aged university philosophy lecturer, fully immersed in the academic life of teaching, reading and writing text-books. Her long-standing series of academic texts is hauled in for ‘refreshing’ by young marketers and instructional designers, and this is just one of the changes she faces, as she deals with her increasingly frail mother and flat marriage.  Neither of these situations are of her choice, and the film follows her as her world of ideas is challenged by a more mundane, draining reality.  Not a lot happens here, but perhaps I am just the right age and milieu to enjoy it.

8/10 for me (1/10 for my father!)