Movie: “A Man Called Ove”

It seems that recently I’ve read seen several books (Extinctions; Our Souls at Night; Reading in Bed) and movies (45 Years; I, Daniel Blake) that deal with older characters. Is this the demographic pressure of Baby Boomers who prefer to watch movies on the big screen, I wonder?  Nonetheless, here’s another movie about a crusty old widower who ends up with a bigger heart than it might seem as first. I was rather horrified that he was only supposed to be 59 which seemed rather young (especially as I am older than 59!) however, he makes up in gruffness what he might lack in chronological years.

I laughed and I cried at this very human movie, which tells the story of Ove’s life and marriage in  multicultural, urban Sweden. Yes, it’s been done before with other gruff men like Jack Nicholson, and the multiple manifestations of Wallender, but I thought that this was just lovely. I came home wanting to hug my dad, my son and my curmudgeonly husband (who I think wanted to see it to get some tips, although he said that Ove was even too brusque for him!).  And of course, true to form with my movie reviews, it’s just about to finish, so either hurry or look for it on DVD.

My rating: 4.5 stars

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