Some good news (for now) about Banyule Homestead


Banyule Homestead (a)_PeterCrone

Those of us who submitted objections to the proposed use of Banyule Homestead as a wedding venue received welcome news from Heritage Victoria recently.  The owners have withdrawn their application, for now at least.


I think that there’s yet another chapter in this story.  You can follow it at my other blog, Banyule Homestead Matters.


2 responses to “Some good news (for now) about Banyule Homestead

  1. artandarchitecturemainly

    I am not sure that Heritage Protection is 100% reliable. Heritage experts have demanded tougher penalties for developers who knock down historic buildings, but did it save the Carlton Pub (1857) last week? Not at all!

    Banyule Homestead may have more supporters than a suburban pub, but I would still watch carefully to ensure that Heritage orders are not blatantly violated.

    • No, heritage protection is not at all 100% reliable. It is ironic that the heritage consultant engaged by the owners claimed that previous work done was not to standard, and therefore that undercut claims to the integrity of the building. I was absolutely appalled by the blatant disregard of the heritage overlay with the pub in Carlton

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