Daily Archives: September 6, 2016

Movie: Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Much as I love Ab Fab, it’s best viewed in small doses. I think I enjoyed this trailer as much as I did the whole movie, to be honest. I am absolutely clueless about fashion and popular culture, so much of this went right over my head. But of course, it’s lovely seeing everyone again- Mother (who would have to be the most beautiful 90 year old around); Bubble; Marshall and Bo; Saffy and Lola. I found myself grinning away like an idiot just from the joy of seeing familiar faces again.  At least Eddie and Patsy (who’s pretty damned good for 70, too) can grow into their old age disgracefully and embarrassingly, which is of course the whole shtick.

But while half-an-hour of Ab Fab is perfect, a whole movie is too long. Really, I think you’d be better off sitting down with an Ab Fab box set and just enjoying it in its original and absolutely fabulous format.