Missing in Action

Oh dear, my blog is falling apart.  I haven’t written a ‘This Week in Port Phillip 1841’ entry in weeks; I have half-finished reviews languishing in the ‘drafts’ folder for so long that I can barely remember the book and the 1000-post milestone came and went without fanfare.

Why? you may ask. This is why.



After the last little doggie died we decided to replace the carpet. We had had four little doggies in the house and the little gentleman dog (who- believe me- was NO gentleman!) had made his presence smelt.  To replace the carpet, we had to move all the bookshelves and if we were going to do that then we may as well have the house painted at the same time.  And get new downlights.  And buy  new blinds to replace the verticals leading out to the deck. And clean the other curtains. And wash the windows properly. And buy a new couch.

My father, who lives in our back unit, is away on a cruise so it seemed an ideal time to  get all this done. So we’ve moved into Dad’s unit temporarily and piled up all our furniture and books in the rumpus room in the middle.


Steve is looking a bit startled, working on his computer in the freezing cold, reflected in the dressing table mirror

And the cat is not impressed one little bit.


I think I might join her, actually.

9 responses to “Missing in Action

  1. You are excused. All the disruption will be worth it once it is done.

  2. Strike while the iron is hot. That’s what I say!!! And you have just acquired what my husband calls a ‘Fudd’ so a bit of time out is well deserved.

  3. The old Anxiety Scales rated 100 difficult life events, in order of their impact on peoples’ mental health.
    1. Death of a beloved spouse
    2. Birth of a new baby
    3. Moving house or renovating one’s own house.**
    4. Being fired from work and so on.

    Good luck 🙂

    • residentjudge

      Gee- it’s high on the list, isn’t it. It has felt like we are shifting house except that all the bulky furniture stays with us instead of going somewhere else!

  4. Oh I’d love to get all that done! What an opportunity. And you got a hilarious cat photo out of it. That’s good. Right.

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