Daily Archives: June 16, 2016

Movie: Labyrinth of Lies

I went to see this (just before it ended, as usual) largely on the strength of the positive review in received in The Age. I was a bit disappointed.  Based on the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials, it is set in 1958 when other prosecutors refuse to take up charges against an ex-Nazi now working illegally at a school after ‘de-Nazification’.  A young prosecutor feels compelled to do so even though he is completely unaware of the pervasiveness and nature of Nazi atrocities. I guess that this is where I couldn’t suspend disbelief sufficiently, as 1958 post-dated the Nuremberg trials, and while I acknowledge wilful forgetting, I find innocent ignorance harder to believe.

Even if I am wrong about this- and I’m quite ready to acknowledge that I might be- I found the film very predictable. So predictable, in fact, that I was correctly anticipating lines of dialogue before they were delivered, and anticipated most of the plot-turns in advance.

So, no glowing review from me.  And now that I look, the Guardian didn’t think much of it either.