Stopping to smell the roses

From my study window, I can see everyone who walks along our street [cue maniacal laughter].  The room has an L-shaped window, so I can watch walkers as they pass several houses either side of me.  Unfortunately for my thesis writing, I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time looking out the window.

I’ve just seen a young man walking past the house across the road.  It has a white picket fence, behind which is a beautiful array of old, multicoloured roses.


He stopped, put his bag down, and smelled the roses.  Then he picked up his bag and kept going.

Somehow I don’t think that anyone will ever stop to enjoy a pebble garden with cordylines.

5 responses to “Stopping to smell the roses

  1. The roses do look great. Lol at smelling a cordyline.

  2. *maniacal laughter* You know, I dislike Halloween, but it is nice to see all the children out and about in the street. Where do they all come from? We never see them in the streets any more…

    • We didn’t have a single child come to the door. And I’d bought Cherry Ripes and Crunchies for them….how curious! they just happen to be my favourite chocolate bars. Guess I’ll just have to eat them.
      It’s interesting how the demographics of a street rise and fall. When we moved in here about fifteen years ago, there were lots of little kids but they’ve all grown up, got their licences and gone.

  3. Bless people who grow and tend to these beautiful roses. The colours are so beautiful, and the smells can transport one to other times and places. I often stop to smell them on dog walks in Canberra. My own native garden can also be beautiful, but when in flower, bee stings might be a painful consequence of the temptation to get so close!

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