Trains and skeins

I don’t like tagging.

But I don’t like the PSO (Protective Services Officer) hutch at my railway station either.  It sits up against the entrance, so that everyone has to squeeze past it.  These dongas are part of a state government law-and-order policy to put armed security guards on every station after dark.  No staff, mind you, to sell you a ticket or tell you when the next train’s coming.  Just two goons with guns.  Of course, there’s nothing to do on these very quiet, deserted stations between the trains, so they need a shed. And the powers that be have decided that at Macleod, it has to be right in the doorway.  That’s nice, isn’t it?

As I said, I don’t like tagging.  It’s ugly. It’s offensive.  It’s rude.

But so is that PSO hut.

And so, with great pleasure, I see that it has been tagged.  It’s the only one on the Hurstbridge line that has been so ‘adorned’.  I hope they do it again and again and again.  And I hope that they take this ugly, offensive and rude building away.

On a happier note, I see that someone who loves Macleod is yarn-bombing it.  How appropriate for Macleod- the home of the nannas.  It’s good to think that young ones are knitting away, with a sense of humour, with a light touch that harms no-one and brings only pleasure. Thank you.

12 responses to “Trains and skeins

  1. We have gone mad haven’t we … I don’t know what the answer is … but I do love yarn bombing. (I don’t think they’re all young either!). I particularly like the pompoms and those bench seats. They look stylish.

  2. It is nearly the worst I have seen. Nothing like that for the good folk of Hawthorn at Glenferrie Station. While it is down on the street, it’s very tasteful.

  3. I’m checking out all the other ones on the line. At Fairfield they’ve painted it cream to match in with the other buildings on the platform. At quite a few they abut directly onto the platform and so are on stilts at the back to bring them up to platform level. I really can’t work out why they didn’t do this here. I find it really offensive that I’m forced to go past it every time I catch a train- I can’t ignore it because it’s right in the doorway. (Ah, our first world problems! LOL)

  4. First world problem indeed, along with first world activity such as yarn bombing. Earlier this week, or at the weekend, the City Square was also yarn bombed.

  5. Why can’t the armed persons hang out in the ticket office? Every station has something like that don’t they? Room for train staff? I do like the yarn bombing.

    • Certainly Macleod does have facilities for staff because it is a ‘manned’ station. I guess that they wanted to keep the two functions separate. There is a space beside the station that they could have used which would have been much more unobtrusive and I don’t know why they didn’t use it- perhaps it’s not quite long enough for these prefab buildings. I suspect that they are utilizing the disused staff rooms in the many stations that are no longer manned. It seems that these huts are only being placed on manned stations.
      I like the yarn bombing too!

  6. This is the first time I’ve heard of yarn bombing (though I have heard of guerilla knitting) and it totally made my day!

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