My top 7 for 2010

Why Top Seven? Well, largely because I’ve let this blog take over my reading journal where I used to score out of 10.  I haven’t made a practice of doing this here, and so it’s not quite so easy to sort out the ‘very good’ s from the ‘bloody brilliant’ s.  Also, I now no longer draw a distinction between the reading I’m doing for my thesis and my leisure reading, and that makes it harder to decide a ‘best’ compared with a ‘very useful to me in my thinking at this stage’ book.  So, subject to all these caveats,  seven it is- with links to my reviews.

1. Richard Holmes Footsteps: Adventures of a Romantic Biographer

2. Hilary Mantel Wolf Hall

3. Anne Fadiman Ex Libris

4. Edward P Jones The Known World

5. Richard Yates Revolutionary Road

6. Tom Griffiths Hunters and Collectors

7. Ruth Park The Harp in the South Trilogy


2 responses to “My top 7 for 2010

  1. Interesting list Janine- I haven’t read any of them! I do love reading eveyone’s end of year lists though, always intriguing.

  2. Good list Janine – thanks for sharing. Like Louise, I enjoy seeing people’s lists. I’ve read 2, 3 and 7 (though not all this year) and like them all. I’ve been keen to read, for some time, Revolutionary Road and The known world so you’ve just upped the ante for these two.

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