The Threepenny Opera

As the final instalment in my art-and-crime festival, we went to see Victorian Opera’s  The Threepenny Opera at the Malthouse last night.   What a sordid week!  I’ve read a crime novel, seen a crime movie and then last night a crime play.  Now I turn my mind to gardening instead.

We decided to go see this production of the Threepenny Opera as soon as we heard about it: fantastic cast- Paul Capsis (who played Jenny), Eddie Perfect, Judi Connelli, Casey Bennetto.  The sets were inventive, singing very strong and, much to the chagrin of the people walking behind us back to our car, it had been updated and rather subverted by pantomime at the end- all thoroughly in keeping, I’d say.

On the way back to the northern ‘burbs we stopped off at Fed Square to see the light installation they have there until the beginning of June.  Beautiful

It’s called Solar Equation.  It’s a huge illuminated disk that hangs over Federation Square with swirls and eruptions of what looks like magma. Apparently the animation of solar flares, turbulence and sunspots is generated mathematically and projected onto the disk from below.  Mr Judge hoisted himself up to peer over the black box to which it had been tethered: it would not have been seemly (nor indeed possible) for the Resident Judge to have done the same.

There are deck chairs arranged on the concourse so that you can lie back and watch it.  All rather St-Tropez for a chilly Tuesday night in June.  As you can see, there weren’t too many takers.

Apparently you can change the patterns with your i-phone but as I don’t have one, it’s not really an option.  I don’t understand any of it- the sun or the moon for that matter or telephones really- but it was thing of beauty on a cold winter night.

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