Danger!Danger Will Robinson


I see that the robot from Lost in Space has died.  Well, sort of.

‘ROBOT’ ACTOR DIES.  Los Angeles. Bob May, who won a cult following as The Robot in the 1960s hit television show Lost in Space, has died of congestive heart failure in California.  May, 69, was a veteran actor and stuntman when he was tapped by Lost in Space creator Irwin Allen to play the Robinson family’s loyal metal sidekick in the hit series that debuted in 1965.  Although May did not provide the robot’s distinctive voice (done by announcer Dick Tufeld), he developed a devoted following of fans who sought him out at memorabilia shows.

Oh, so he didn’t do the voice.  Just that highly artistic arm waving and spinning round and round when under stress.  So who would you say actually played the Robot- the voice or the driver?  Where lies the essence of Robot?

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