David Marr on The Art of Biography

I’m with him. David Marr delivered a version of this essay as the Seymour Biography Lecture at the National Library of Australia on 15 September 2016.

3 responses to “David Marr on The Art of Biography

  1. Well, that’s all it took for me to revive my subs for The Monthly. I was a foundation subscriber, but then I got tired of it, rehashing the same old topics again and again, which was so pointless under the Morrison government. But this issue appears to have lots of other good stuff as well as the Marr, so I’ve put them on twelve months’ probation, ha ha,
    (I get the QE and the AFF as well, and I nearly always read them, though not straight away. )

    • I subscribe to The Monthly and Quarterly Essay. I have a great pile of them, sitting unopened. It drives my son crazy (because HE wants to read them) but payer opens, I reckon.

      • Well, that is why I’m quite strict with myself about subscriptions. I like the Griffith Review but I only buy one or two a year, for example. There’s just not enough time to read everything.

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