Guest blogger: Willow Jade Gilbert

I’ve never had a guest blogger on my website, but I’d like to introduce a very special guest , my granddaughter Willow Jade Gilbert, aged six and a half. It warms the cockles of this Nanna’s heart to see her reading so fluently and with such enjoyment and she’d like to share a book review with you.

I have a book with twelve stories all about Billie B. Brown. The first one is The Birthday Mixup. Billie has to invite 10 friends only and it should have been 12.30 BUT she wrote 2.30!!! When her teacher said “Did you eat jumping beans for breakfast?” I LAUGHED.

The next story is Billie B. Brown and the Little Lie. She was playing with her friend Jack. Her last toy arrow went on the roof of the shed and then she fell off the fence and at school she lied about how she broke her arm.

The next one will be The Deep End. In the book, Billie’s class is going to swimming lessons and Billie is scared because there is a deep end. When she thinks about it she feels sick. Billie doesn’t want her name to be read out, but it isn’t, because she is one of the Swordfish. There are three groups: The Sharks,(the really good swimmers); Stingrays (good at swimming but not as good as the Sharks) and Swordfish (they aren’t as good as any of the other groups).

And now we’re moving on to The Midnight Feast. Billie and Jack are camping. Billie has rice crackers and dip, and Jack has two packets of chips. Jack’s dad pokes his head into the tent flap ‘Hey kids, dinner’s ready’ he says. Billie wants to watch TV because it’s Finding Nemo and Billie’s favourite is Finding Nemo. Once the movie has finished, they have to brush their teeth but Billie says “But you don’t brush your teeth when you’re camping” but Billie’s mum says “Yes you do!!” When they go back to the tent, it’s really dark outside. Billie was saying “If Jack’s not scared, neither am I” and then Billie asks the time and Jack says “Nine fifteen”. Billie isn’t sure if she likes camping in the dark. “Maybe we could have the feast now” says Jack. “No, Silly” says Billie “that would be a 9.15 feast”. Once I’ve been up till 4.44, which was past midnight! And then Billie and Jack think that there is a monster because there is a low growling sound and then it becomes bigger and louder. Then a big shadow goes over the tent. That’s why they’re scared. And then they accidentally fall asleep before midnight, and Billie is saying “Marshmallows for breakfast” in her sleep.

And that’s enough for now. See you next time.

10 responses to “Guest blogger: Willow Jade Gilbert

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your favourite books, Willow. You are a very good reader and writer. I was a journalist for many years and I once interviewed Sally Rippin, the author the Billy B. series. She told me how hard she had worked to be a writer. At first, all her stories were rejected. One day, an editor wrote and told her what she needed to do to improve them. She took that editor’s advice and worked very hard to rewrite them. Gradually, her writing improved and eventually her first story was published. As you know, she’s written many wonderful stories since then. I think she would be very proud of your reviews and to know how much you enjoyed her books.
    Warm regards, Jane.
    A note to grandma: I really enjoy your reviews, too.

    • Thank you for commenting so quickly and generously, Jane. Willow was still here, so I was able to read your comment with her (although, because I know you as a journalist, I was probably more excited than she was!)

  2. Great reviews.! I learnt to swim when I was 7 or 8 and I remember being very worried when I had to start at the deep end for my first 25 metre swim.

    • I actually CHEATED on getting my Herald. That 25 yard pool was just so long, and it was a just a little touch of the bottom of the pool with my toe- but I’ve felt guilty for the next 60 years!

  3. I CHEATED on my Herald because that 25 yard pool was just a bit too long. I know that my foot touched the bottom of the pool just for a little push-off to get to the end. And I’ve felt guilty for the next 60 years!

  4. Thanks Willow. That was very entertaining. It is a few years since I have experienced being awake at midnight. You have made a great start with writing. And how cool that you have the same name as one of my twin great nieces. Her twin sister’s name is Harley. That’s a nice name too.

  5. Congratulations, Willow, and welcome to the world of blogging about books online!

  6. artandarchitecturemainly

    Well done Willow. You will enjoy reading more, as you get into high school and university.

  7. Welcome to the world of litbloggers Willow. I really enjoyed reading about the stories you are reading.

    Do you know what? I broke my arm when I fell off a fence. I wanted to lie about it too, except my sister was there and saw it, so I couldn’t. I like it when books tell stories that you know could really happen! You can think about what you would do in the same situation.

  8. residentjudge

    Thank you all my blogger friends for encouraging a little girl who loves reading!

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