Escape from Melbourne….

During lockdown, we planned all sorts of little trips. Lockdown finished, but we felt a bit reluctant. Then the BIG lockdown was imposed and that was the end of that. I had some trips back and forth to the Mornington Peninsula in January, then ANOTHER short lockdown. Jeez- you wouldn’t want to book tickets anywhere, we thought.

So when a couple of beautiful days were forecast for the end of April, we decided on the spur of the moment, to desert the cat and go to Mt Macedon to look at the autumn leaves. Most of the places we looked out were booked out, so we spread our net further afield and ended up at Cleveland Winery, in Lancefield.

Beautiful place. We didn’t stay in the old 1880s house (unfortunately) but in the guest suites nearby. We woke up to the sun rising over the mist that clung to the vineyards. Quite beautiful

The sun rising over the vineyards

We were on the hunt for autumn colour, and Forest Glade gardens delivered in spades. I wasn’t aware of using a filter on the photos- I think that they really were this colour. Absolutely spectacular

There was going to be a wedding that afternoon.
The Japanese Garden
The Maple Walk
More of the Japanese Garden
I do like a bit of topiary
The gazebo

It was lovely to get out of Melbourne. And who would have thought that you could get so much pleasure from the paper strap over the toilet suite assuring you that it is sanitized, pillows that are too plump to sleep on, and little dobs of Vegemite in plastic sachets?

The cat wasn’t too happy though.

5 responses to “Escape from Melbourne….

  1. artandarchitecturemainly

    I am not familiar with the Cleveland Winery in Lancefield, but your photos show that the gardens are beautiful to walk through in the sunshine. And yes, I too would have preferred living in the old 1880s house. As long as someone else cooked the food and washed the dishes 🙂

    But that should make us reflect on the 12 months or more without normal work, social life and travel. Spouse and I were going nuts, watching tv as the highlight of each day.

  2. Very pretty photos.

  3. Luscious photos with so many reds. We’ve only made daytrips to the area. I wonder if Cyril Stokes still owns Forest Glade.

    • residentjudge

      There was a statue in the gardens of him with Trevor Bell. I didn’t even know if he was still alive or not.

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