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Con subtítulos en español: El crimen de Cuenca (1979)

Based on a true story, this film is set in 1910 when two men are accused of the murder of another man in their village. There is no body and no evidence and at first the case lapses, with the man declared only “missing”. Two years later, a new judge arrives in town and despite their “vehement denials”, the two men are arrested and tortured. This was pretty violent – especially when I had to keep looking to read the subtitles to see what they were screaming. Anyway, eventually the missing man turned up after the two men had narrowly escaped execution to serve many years in jail. It was a good film but (shudder) too violent for me. It is a very famous film, and was originally banned for two year, even though it was a democratic government at that time. Once it was released it achieved great success.