Con subtítulos en español: La Mitad del Cielo (1986)

As part of their celebration of the Spanish actress Angela Molina, Instituto Cervantes has been streaming her films for 48 hours. In this film, Molina plays Rosa, a young woman who leaves her much-loved grandmother and her remote village in order to marry a young knife-grinder who ends up being a swindler. He dies in prison, and Rosa and her young daughter move to Madrid. She gradually works her way out of poverty and opens a restaurant.

But the REAL star of this show I thought was Margarita Lozano, who played the grandmother. She looked at her granddaughter and great-granddaughter with such love. And these shoes! Abuela (grandmother) clomped around in these shoes, in the village and then in Madrid when she came to stay with her granddaughter. They are wooden pattens, worn by peasants across Europe from the 12th century onwards, to protect your feet from the mud. (You can learn more about pattens from the Two Nerdy History Girls here).

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