My non-trip in the time of coronavirus #1 Lima, Peru


Well, it’s the 3rd of April and I should be folding up the laptop, packing my case and taking up my passport all ready for a trip to Peru tonight.

Nup.  Not going to happen.

So, where shall I go instead? Well, given that I was planning to go to Peru, I have decided to drop in on Nan Bauer, an American food writer who is currently holed up in Lima Peru, unable to get back to America.  As I write, she’s up to Day 18. Scroll back to her Day 1 Covid-19 in Peru, and you’ll read about her mad rush from Cusco back to Lima, hoping to get out before the border closed.

If I’m a bit grumpy about a cancelled trip, lost deposits etc, I just read her blog at and I feel a whole lot better…..

7 responses to “My non-trip in the time of coronavirus #1 Lima, Peru

  1. I ‘liked’ this, and then I realised I don’t like it at all.
    What can I say? Commiserations seems a bit limp… but you know I feel for you all the same…

  2. artandarchitecturemainly

    In high school I didn’t even know where Peru was on the map *blush*. But when I spent my Gap Year with 119 other students overseas in 1966, my closest friend was from Peru. I would have loved to have visited in the years that followed, but she married a Brasilian and left her country.

    You will have plenty of opportunity to see a super country after the pandemic. Be well.

  3. Hi Janin, you might want to add you My non trip etc tag to your first post?

  4. Of course!

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