I hear with my little ear: Podcasts 8-15 February 2020

Shooting the Past (ABC) An episode from Sept 2017 takes a picture of an ANZAC soldier sitting in an armchair, recuperating in a garden, with tents in the background. Then you look more closely and see that he has no hands, and possibly no leg either. In Shattered Anzacs(using the title of Marina Larsson’s excellent book), this episode features Curtis McGrath, a present-day veteran who lost his legs, and Prof. Peter Stanley from the Uni of NSW ADFA discussing the meaning of amputation in war and ‘reading’ the photograph.

History Hour (BBC). Another blast from the past- both the program and its content! This episode from March 3, 2019 Venezuela’s Oil Bonanzalooks at Venezuela when the times were good and the money from oil was flowing. There’s also a horrifying story about the airline incident when people were sucked out a hole in an aeroplane (don’t listen, daughter-in-law), and the origins of the swine flu in 2009 and Mexico’s response to it- rather sobering listening during the current Covid19 crisis.

Shaping Opinion.The very first episode of the Shaping Opinion podcast,  by Tim O’Brien, a Pittsburgh-based podcaster, from March 2018 described how O’Brien met his hero, Fred Rogers, the ‘Mister Rogers’ from the film A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood, which I saw recently. Two years later on Feb 3 2020, after the film had been released, the program The Philosophy of Mister Rogers returned to Mr Rogers,  and Tim interviews Bill Isler, the real-life minder of Mr Rogers in the film.  If you enjoyed the film, you probably enjoy this episode.


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