Movie: The Australian Dream

I felt ashamed as I watch this. I had forgotten just how decorated Adam Goodes is (was), and I hadn’t realized that he knew so little about his family’s story. His stance against racism was treated with contempt and I just wanted to shrivel up watching Sam Newman, Andrew Bolt and Eddie Maguire. The film operates largely at the emotional level, and I think that Stan Grant lets Australia and the footballing fraternity off too lightly.  And as if that isn’t bad enough, the comments under the YouTube video are horrible reading. Nothing has been learned.

My rating: 4/5

One response to “Movie: The Australian Dream

  1. oh I think the virtue of the film was that it was emotional . I think a lot of people would have come away from seeing it with much more empathy fro how it is to be Aboriginal. I think Stan was compassionate toward our white ignorance and he was generous in pointing out that casual racism is often committed by “good ” people . The committed racists who would have left the messages will never change , They are trolls and and just vile people who get their jollies by being revolting . The silent majority though will see this and it will be a a good influence on growing our understanding .I actually think Eddie did go on a bit of a journey and while not a totally reconstructed arrogant white male ,he is on the path . The others are just beyond help . they are willfully ignorant and so dont deserve any time from any of us .

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