Movie: Destroyer

Counting up on Wikipedia, Nicole Kidman’s filmography comes out at more than 60 movies.  She can be forgiven, then, for the occasional dud. But Destroyer isn’t a dud, and she is brilliant. Told in present day, where Kidman plays haggard, dysfunctional cop Erin Bell, the film flashes back where she plays that same cop some 30 years earlier, operating undercover in a gang that holds up a bank with tragic consequences.  There’s a fair bit of violence in the film, both in the present day and flashback sequences, and rather too much of ‘old’ Kidman staring impassively at the camera. The makeup is excellent, as ‘young’ Kidman doesn’t look all that different to how she looked 30 years ago in her early films.  Certainly, there’s little of the cool sophistication of many of the characters she tends to play now.

My rating: 4 stars

2 responses to “Movie: Destroyer

  1. I haven’t even seen trailers for this one – I wonder how I’ve missed that.

    I hate how tough some people are on Nicole Kidman. Of course, as you say, she’s been in some duds, but I think she has a lot going for her. Unfortunately, it seems that her beauty has made her a target for all sorts of value judgements and assessments that have made it hard for her to be taken seriously. (She’s not beautiful in this still shot from the trailer though is she!)

    • residentjudge

      I think it’s finished now (with my usual ability to catch movies just as they’re about to close!) She certainly looks pretty rugged, doesn’t she. Good to see that her face can express things other than that cool, sculptured beauty.

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