Daily Archives: May 5, 2019

TV series: I Know Who You Are

For the past few weeks I’ve been transfixed by a 16-part drama on SBS On Demand called “I Know Who You Are”, or in Spanish “Sé Quién Eres”. A law lecturer is found bloodied and dishevelled on a country road, claiming to have amnesia. It then transpires that the blood of his missing niece is found in his car, but he claims no memory of what had happened to either him or his niece.  There is a whole shoal of red herrings in this series, and everyone is horrible. Women, in particular, have very strong roles in the series, and all the characters are unforgettable.  My Spanish class was split over the ending, but I found it satisfactory. Spanish, with English subtitles and well worth spending the time on.


Banyule homestead. A good resolution?

I fervently hope that this article is true and that this saga can be put aside for the next thirty years.