Movie: Colette


(From a few weeks back)

It’s a pity that Keira Knightly was case as Colette in this movie. She’s too well-known and I was consciously aware of that throughout most of this movie, except for one striking scene where she becomes very angry. Dominic West was very good, and disappeared better into the character. I must confess to never having read any of her work, and really knew little about her. Still, an interesting take on celebrity and marketing in the literary world of a century ago.

My rating: 3.5 stars

2 responses to “Movie: Colette

  1. I wasn’t so conscious of Knightly (I sound like the vicar’s wife in Emma) but then I don’t see many films. Otherwise I agree with everything you say.

  2. artandarchitecturemainly

    I wrote out my Colette review but then didn’t publish because of feeling ambivalent about the two main characters. The film version of Colette was quieter than she was typically portrayed in real life. So if she really did become a Woman of the World, it must have been later in her life.

    Ok, I will have to publish the review soon 🙂

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