Listening to the pollies

One of the funniest clips I’ve seen this year was Bob Katter talking about marriage equality and crocodiles. In the same sentence.

Quite apart from the absurdity of what Katter is saying, I was struck by the broadness of his Australian accent, particularly once he started on crocodiles.

I was fascinated by this blog-post from the Museum of Australian Democracy, which provides sound clips of early Prime Ministers.

[I had to use Chrome to get all the sound files to work]

I was surprised that although some of the Prime Ministers featured had quite humble backgrounds, they used Received Pronunciation here. I wonder if they were ‘bunging it on’ for the microphone?

3 responses to “Listening to the pollies

  1. Aside from Menzies and Fraser, and to a lesser extent Gough, none have ever sounded particularly well spoken to me, but then I would have mostly heard them on old recordings, so perhaps that makes their voices sound different. I am thinking of Curtain, Hughes and Chifley.

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. artandarchitecturemainly

    Looks should not matter… intelligence and dedication should be the only attributes that matter vis a vis politicians. But Katter has the ugliest sneer I have ever seen 😦 Quite apart from the absurdity of what Katter said, his palpable hatred made my stomach turn.

    Happy holidays to every one else!

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