Exhibition: Brave New World at the NGV

There’s an excellent exhibition on at the moment at the NGV at Federation Square called ‘Brave New World‘. It’s on until 15th October. It includes art, commercial art, documentary, architecture, fashion, industrial design, film and dance to give an overview of the 1930s in Australia.

I was amazed that the dress on the left was from the 1930s!

The exhibition space is divided into two halves, with one half celebrating the advances and newness of the 1930s; the other half documenting the poverty and greyness of that same time.

Perhaps more than any other exhibition I’ve seen of this type, women have a very strong representation in this exhibition as wearers, inspiration and most importantly, creators themselves.

I did buy the catalogue (which looks excellent) and was thinking of waiting to post this after I’ve read the catalogue but the exhibition may well close by then! So, Melburnians, hurry along and catch it before it closes.

2 responses to “Exhibition: Brave New World at the NGV

  1. Sounds good. I will try to get my act together in time to see it!

  2. I saw this too when we made a quick trip to Melbourne in late August. I nearly posted on it but didn’t get myself organised as I brought a nasty cold virus home with me and was trying to post on the Canberra Writers’ Festival as well.

    We had to choose between this one and the Hokusai at the main NGV and am very glad we chose this because it was Australian and about an era I’m fascinated by. I loved the section on independent women, and also of course the radical/protest art section. And, I was also interested in the discussion of eugenics being supported by the work produced by Max Dupain. It was a really excellent exhibition.

    I didn’t buy the catalogue. I made a decision a few years ago to stop doing that but there are times when I regret the decision. This would be one of those times because it’s about ideas and works that are just not well known.

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