Movie: The Innocents

“So, what are you off to see today, Janine?” they asked. Nobody suggested joining me when I told them that I was going to see a movie about Polish nuns being raped after WWII.

It was just as grim as it sounds. One day a young female French Red Cross doctor based in Poland is importuned by a nun to come to the convent. When she finally agrees, she finds a young novice giving birth. She learns that Russian soldiers had ransacked the convent three times, raping the sisters. The rapes were not just physical, but spiritual and existential as well.

The film is based on a true story (follow the link in this story to a translated interview with the real-life doctor’s nephew) although I don’t know if the ending – which I found a bit too easy – was true or not.

The cinematography is just breathtaking. The convent is surrounded by a bare forest in the snow, setting off the black-and-white habits of the nuns. But it feels almost callous to think of beauty in a story which is anything but beautiful.

Once again, it’s just about to leave Melbourne cinemas within the next few days.

My rating: 4 stars

3 responses to “Movie: The Innocents

  1. Which theatre do you go to, Janine?

    • residentjudge

      Cinema Nova on their cheap Mondays, unless I have something to do at the museum. Tickets are only $7.00 until 4.00p.m. and as Monday is my fast day (5:2 diet) it’s an easy way to think about something other than food. I usually book a ticket ($1.00 extra) because on Mondays the seats are allocated. You’re welcome to join me- I usually go at lunchtime/early afternoon. I make up my mind on the weekend what I’m going to see, and as you know- it’s usually something that’s just about to finish!

      • I would have loved to have gone to this one, apart from it being an interesting film, it’s in French so it helps me to improve my oral skills (even with subtitles, because I get to hear how words should be pronounced).
        Yes, please, if you let me know in time to get myself organised I’d like to come sometimes…

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