Movie: Rosalie Blum

I was sitting in the cinema, watching trailer after trailer of upcoming American movies. It’s so good to see something that’s not American for a change. Something that unfolds with a different sense of narrative pacing; something that doesn’t have American accents; something that is underpinned by values that are not American.  The absolute dominance of American news and Donald Trump in our media is making this deluge of Americana even more suffocating.

So I was well and truly ready for Rosalie Blum. This is a terrific movie, set in the present day in a provincial French town, where a prematurely-balding hairdresser who still lives with his mother, finds himself fascinated by an older woman who he’s sure he’s met previously. The gently-unfolding movie tells the same events from three different perspectives and although billed as a ‘comedy’ is bittersweet and nuanced.

The movie is in French,  sub-titled in English

My rating: 4 / 5.

4 responses to “Movie: Rosalie Blum

  1. Let me add my recommendation to yours, a really enjoyable movie.

  2. That is so true! We go to Spanish, French, Israeli, Scandinavian and Italian etc film festivals every year, to avoid Hollywood blockbusters. And we watch ABC, SBS, the History Channel, Discover, BBC and UKTV etc to see British and European tv programmes.

  3. I am more than devastated that I was at work both times that this movie played in my town. Devastated. I just know that it’s my kind of thing, and now I have to wait and try and find it elsewhere…

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