Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017


Now that the Christmas tree is taken down and chopped up, it’s time to admit that yes, Christmas is over, and turn my mind to 2017. I’ll be participating in the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017 again and once again I’ll nominate ‘Franklin’ level (10 books) and make a resolution to read more female Australian historians’ work. This year I’ll be writing the round-up posts for Non Fiction  (which unfortunately is a different category to History, Biography and Autobiography) so that might nudge me into looking for women non-fiction writers a bit more.

So, as they say in Spanish “¡Qué se abra el telón!  (Raise the curtain! Let the show begin!)


One response to “Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017

  1. I look forward to reading your non-fiction roundups. I am reading one at the moment but as it is unrelated to my work I am reading it slowly – though it is good to read widely as Jill Roe said.

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