The streets are alive…

…with the sound of cheeping, whining magpies. Ye Gods, who’d be a magpie parent? On and on the young ‘uns nag – “feed me, feed me”- constantly hanging round wanting food.


I have so many questions! Are these magpies here the same ones I see in the next street? Are they the same ones who were hanging around last year? Will they dive bomb me? How smart are they anyway?

And here’s a fascinating little podcast to answer all those questions and more. It was on Radio National’s Offtrack program last week;  it’s called The Colourful Life of the Australian Magpie and you can access it here.


6 responses to “The streets are alive…

  1. They’re quite territorial you usually see the same magpies hanging around the same block- so they may be different ones in the next street… I watch my local magpies quite a bit- it helps that I have two really white ones (white belly and quite a white back, very unusual) a few blocks from where I live. There was one originally, then two, and just today I’m pretty sure that I saw another juvenile white magpie very close to where the other two hang. I took photos of the original one and have been meaning to stalk them again for a while, but they’re on a road that I normally just drive down, and don’t normally have my camera with me. They’re very smart. I saved a link to that podcast, although I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet. What I want to know is why at this time of year do they lie in bizarre postures on sandy bits of ground?

    • Louise- as a magpie watcher, you really must listen to it- you’ll love it. It didn’t mention lying in the sand (and there’s no sand in suburban Macleod so I’ve never seen it) but I do wonder if they’re part of the young male group that they speak about that hang around in areas that are not sought after? Perhaps they’re magpie hoons?

  2. I’d rather have magpies than crows. Well, except for springtime swooping!

  3. Thank you for the link – 8 just listened to it on the ABC radio app while on holidays and it was wonderful to hear the sound of magpies warbling in Paris!

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