1916 Irish Rising: Australian Impact


On this Easter Sunday, I’m going to be at the Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church to hear Dr. Val Noone speak on ‘1916 Irish Rising: Australian Impact’. It starts at 11.00 am. on Sunday 27th March, 2016.

This year is the centenary of the Rising, and the University of Melbourne is conducting a two-day international conference on 7th and 8th April to commemorate and interrogate the event. There’s details about the conference here– it looks excellent.

One response to “1916 Irish Rising: Australian Impact

  1. artandarchitecturemainly

    I was surprised to suddenly notice a number of journal articles about the Irish Rising, and then realised 1916 was exactly 100 years ago. Since they were the first papers I had read on this major historical event, my overriding question was “How could the Irish expect to succeed when 1916 was only two years into The War To End All Wars?

    So of the conferences papers listed at Melbourne Uni, I would be particularly interested in ‘We Personally Had No Quarrel with the Rioters’: Anzacs in Dublin During The Easter Rising 1916”

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