Daily Archives: November 17, 2015

Movie: ‘Holding the Man’

I’m pleased to see that Cinema Nova is still screening the Australian movie ‘Holding the Man’ twice each day.  I saw it about six weeks ago and expected that it would have finished by now.

I don’t know much about homosexual relationships or the gay scene during the AIDS ‘epidemic’ but certainly the attention to detail in depicting  late 70s-1980s Melbourne is exquisite- right down to the ‘Web of Life’ textbook in the locker room at Xavier. I can only assume that its fidelity in other areas is just as sound.   I hadn’t seen either of the lead actors before (which may say more about me than them), but the supporting cast is a veritable ‘who’s-who’: Anthony La Paglia, Sarah Snook, Kerry Fox, Guy Pearce and even Geoffrey Rush pops up as well.  Go to see it while it’s still on.