My ANZAC Commemoration

It’s interesting to see that perhaps the millions spent on the centenary of Gallipoli might have been misdirected. There’s been a  thoroughly appropriate reaction against the crasser forms of commercialisation : think ANZAC stubby-holders, teddy bears and  ‘Camp Gallipoli’ where you sleep under the stars like the original  ANZACS did, in your $275 Gallipoli  deluxe swag:

…participate in a once in a lifetime event [which] will take your emotions on a roller coast as its [sic] blends moving tributes with commemoration. You will learn, sing, eat, drink, laugh, (and cry) but most importantly you will be together.

It will be

…a special night of remembrance, entertainment, mateship and the birth of the ANZAC spirit… There will be entertainment, special guests, movies, documentaries, great food options and a very Special Dawn Service on ANZAC day itself.

And it would appear that all those ANZAC blockbusters planned for television  have garnered only lukewarm ratings as well, although I’ve read good things about Sam Neill’s documentary so I may watch that.  Claire Wright, who was involved in the documentary ‘The War that Changed Us’ some months ago suggests that Gallipoli fatigue at all the “ANZACkery” seems to have set in ahead of time.

So this is how I will be commemorating, NOT celebrating ANZAC this year


2 responses to “My ANZAC Commemoration

  1. Wonderful.

  2. Already ambivalent about the monster that Anzac Day has become, I am certainly suffering Anzac fatigue. Credit to the ABC for trying very hard to make news reporting of the anniversary interesting and relevant,

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